Gods revolution

In crisis-hit Greece, Hercules loses himself. His life is in free fall. For him to get back on his feet he has to believe again in the strength that lies inside him and fight his own demons. Taking a path which, as he will learn later, has been walked by the wisest men of humanity, he will eventually make it. At the toughest moment of his struggle, he will be visited by God who asks him to save his fellow people, since he managed to save himself. It is a big onus but Hercules will bear it, like everyone who is born a hero. In Iraklio, Crete, he will find comrades among the unemployed, the homeless, all those who have been marginalised by the system, and together they will rise up against it. And they will not be alone. On the difficult path to explore life’s mysteries, they will meet Kazantzakis, Jesus, Socrates, who were also rebels in their time. Together they will go until the end. If there can ever be an end to this story.

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Maco Grello


Maco Grello was born in Athens in 1985 and spent his early childhood in the neighbourhood of Petralona. He now lives in Corinth since 1993, having returned to Athens only to follow his studies in the Kapodistrian University. Travelling has always meant a lot to him. From Crete to Santorini and Komotini, and from Karpathos to Corfu, the Greek landscape was etched in his soul as he was growing up. His need to explore new worlds and cultures made him travel to Serbia, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary and other countries, enriching his life and imagination. In 2012 he decided to move to Cambridge, UK. He soon missed the bright sunshine, the sea and the warmth of Greek people. It was there that he began to write his first articles and short stories. He returned to Greece in 2013 and, one year later, started writing “The revolution of the gods”, which was finished and published in 2016.


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Feb 2

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